Our History, our Mission, your Success

TEC Leadership Institute has over 25 years training, consulting, and coaching experience in global corporations. Our training and coaching is rooted in research but is conducted in an engaging, memorable, and thoughtful exchange.

We have a diverse network of highly professional facilitators, coaches and trainers who are experts in their fields. Our clients take what they have learned in our coaching, training, workshops and seminars and are able to apply it immediately to their day-to-day professional and personal lives. Our goal is to enhance the performance of individuals, teams and leaders through the provision of professional Learning & Development programs and Human Resource measures.

The Case for Global Leadership Competence:

Self-reflection, knowledge of self, observational skill, tolerance for ambiguity, adaptability and self-regulation are central to leadership. Today’s globalized and changing environment presents leaders with levels of complexity and diversity that require a broader definition of self, boundary spanning skills and situational adaptability.

To be credible and comfortable in a change environment leaders need a high level of authenticity. All of the above attributes and skills need to be combined with visionary skill, strategic and change management skill, creativity and innovation and broad knowledge of the sector in which the corporation operates.

Today’s global leaders face many challenges, including understanding the broader social, cultural, ethical, political and business environment. Looking at these challenges it is hardly surprising that in a survey of Fortune 500 companies, 85% of CEOs stated that they do not think that they have an adequate number of global leaders and more than 65% believe that their existing leaders need to acquire more skills and knowledge before they can meet or exceed the challenge of global leadership (GLOBE research project)


Some of Our Services

Culture Competence

In an increasingly globalized world managers not only need to be experts in their field but also be adept at handling the influences of culture on business decisions. Managers who struggle to implement change initiatives in target countries, who make decisions on behalf of their companies on a global scale, or organizations seeking to improve in-house intercultural communications will undoubtedly benefit from our portfolio of intercultural competence services.

Management Competence

Our management competence portfolio of services targets existing or high-potential leaders looking to gain the competitive advantage within their fields. Our targeted training, consulting, and coaching services aim to increase competency and effectiveness. By paying attention to our client’s specific needs and desired results we are able to customize management competency program to maximize the learning experience.

Communication Competence

Being able to effectively communicate your ideas, mediate conflict situations, convincingly present and negotiate in an international context require impeccable communication skills. At TEC Leadership Institute we tailor our client’s communication competence training, consulting, and coaching services to prepare them for presentations, negotiations, and to communicate effectively.

Diversity Management

Our Diversity Management portfolio of services support our clients looking to enhance their daily working environment along with their company’s diversity and integration reputation. Benefits of our services include: improved transnational interactions, off-setting of generic conflicts in cross-cultural teamwork and communication, better alignment of common goals among high performance employees, and a better ability to recognize and respect diversity.

Team Building

Team Building

Whether you are managing a multicultural team, overseeing a remote team, or strengthening the alliances within your leadership team – our portfolio offers customizable solutions to cover the unique challenges of every team. Through TEC Leadership Institute led team building, team members will learn how to optimize their individual and common work approach, learn to better communicate their ideas, and strategically capitalize on individual members skills to benefit the team as a whole.


TEC Leadership Institute supports clients in their personal and professional growth. The coaching is highly individual and focuses a variety of areas including leadership development, intercultural competence, communication, business acumen and management including strategic skill, creativity and innovation and change.