Effective leadership requires Self-reflection, knowledge of self, observational skill, tolerance for ambiguity and self-regulation. Today’s globalized and change environment presents leaders with levels of complexity and diversity that require a broader definition of self, boundary spanning skills and situational adaptability. To be credible and comfortable in a change environment leaders need a high level of self-awareness, which translates as authenticity.. All of the above attributes and skills need to be combined with visionary skill, strategic and change management skill, creativity and innovation and broad knowledge of the sector in which the corporation operates.

Today´s global leaders face many challenges, including understanding the broader social, cultural, ethical, political and business environment. Looking at these challenges it is hardly surprising that in a survey of Fortune 500 companies, 85% of CEOs stated that they do not think that they have an adequate number of global leaders and more than 65% believe that their existing leaders need specific skills and knowledge before they can meet or exceed the challenge of global leadership (GLOBE research project).

Globalization … is all about overcoming national differences and embracing the best practices from around the world. Something more than an American, European or Asian approach to leadership is required. Needed is a global model that can be applied throughout the world, a model that transcends and integrates national schemes and becomes an essential tool for hiring, training and retaining the leaders of tomorrow.
(Morrison 2000)

Our executive leadership coaching provides one-on-one leadership development opportunities for middle and senior management. As a leader, you reflect on your preference and style of leadership. You explore your goals and find out where you are now, you set targets to meet future challenges. In the coaching process, assessment of the current status and personal, business and context challenges are the basis for the personal growth targets you set to guide the coaching process and support you to achieve positive change.


Executive Coaching Focus:

The executive leadership coaching aims to support you towards

  • Higher level of self-awareness – You as a leader – strengths, development areas
  • Awareness of what type of leader you are and need to be to reach your goals
  • The dilemmas that need to be reconciled to help you reach those goals
  • Increased personal and job satisfaction
  • Personal growth and career development
  • Enhanced leadership/management skills
  • Improved relationships with subordinates/superiors/peers
  • etc. as you define it
Focus topics listed describe suggested coaching material, as with all training, consultation, and coaching actual contents will be tailored to achieve targets set by our clients.