This workshop is designed to enhance the participant’s presentation skills in three main areas:

  • Communication style
  • Language
  • Behavioral skills

The workshop will focus on the challenges of presenting to a diverse (personality type, nationality, hierarchy etc.) audience. The participant will critically analyze their preferred personal communication style and its appropriateness in presentations. Participants will be able to identify and practice effective situational communication skills in presentations.

To achieve operational excellence in presentation performance, three essential determinants should be explored; purpose, people and process. The workshop further aims to generate an appreciation for diversity in approach to presentations and its effectiveness across cultures.



  • The speaker: Analysis of preferred personal presentation style and appeal
  • Exploring perception of self and outside perception
  • Process: Strategy and planning / presentation process (linear-active, multi-active and reactive approach)
  • People: Creating rapport / understanding and dealing with diverse audiences. Pacing and leading
  • People & Process: Recognizing your audience – the three representational systems (VAK) / comprehension and coherency
  • People & Process: Defining the principles of two-way communication (audience appropriate)
  • Process: The use of verbals and non-verbals
  • Purpose & Process: Preparation» intended outcome» introduction» structure & content» summary» conclusion» outcome (assessment criteria- preferred process)
  • Personalities: The green, red, yellow, blue zone of communication
  • The language of international presentations
  • People & Process: Self-marketing & presentations / culture and communication e.g. Anglo-Saxon vs. German Style / Japanese vs. Anglo-Saxon etc. (high-context, low-context communication)

Focus topics listed describe suggested course material, as with all training, consultation, and coaching the actual course material will be tailored to achieve targets set by our clients.


Andrew Roberts, Our Expert on Presentation Skills
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