What services does TEC Leadership Institute offer?

We offer organizations and professionals training, coaching, and education in a number of highly sought after skill sets. We have organized our training and coaching into competences we find possessed by the most successful professionals in the world’s most successful global organizations.

Why pursue continued learning through the TEC Leadership Institute?

  • We are a preferred provider of L&D consultancy, leadership development, management trainings, intercultural competence workshops, presence, and e-learning solutions
  • We truly understand our clients’ needs and develop unique and dynamic solutions to underpin long-term, mutually rewarding relationships
  • We play a powerful role in enabling our clients and their organizations to enhance leadership, management, intercultural and communication competence of their employees
  • We help individuals and organizations from different national and organizational cultures and backgrounds, with diverse values and perspectives, work successfully together
  • We support and facilitate personal growth which enables people to make conscious decisions and empowers them to become leaders in their own lives.

What does “TEC” in TEC Leadership Institute stand for?

Training, Education, and Coaching.

Does TEC Leadership Institute provide consulting solutions?

Yes we do. As a boutique consulting firm we devote individual attention to each our clients. In doing so we are able to better understand the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis. Our goal as a consultancy partner is to be a reliable and trusted confidant and to consistently offer custom solutions to their unique challenges.

Our hands on approach is unmatched. Larger consultancies offer statistics and modular solutions. We put our clients first and look at their business processes and businesses as a whole to make sound judgements based in science that are aware of effectual changes on organizational culture. We are genuinely interested in seeing all of our clients businesses succeed and it shows in our detailed and tailored solutions. Put the expertise of our experts to use and allow us to find novel solutions to your businesses challenges.

Does TEC Leadership Institute provide in house training?

Yes we do. We work in cooperation with your in-house Learning & Development team to develop customized Training and Workshops for your team. Through in-house Training & Workshops we bring our talent to yours, meaning our experts work with your team in your conference room or training facility. Should a sufficiently equipped meeting room be unavailable our coordination team can locate a suitable training venue.

My company is based outside of Germany, can I still use your services?

We can work with clients all over the world as we have a trainer team located in most world regions. In addition, we facilitate international teams in Frankfurt and Munich and our consultants travel to your company’s headquarters. Additionally, we have virtual and e-learning solutions for those clients who prefer maximum convenience and economy.

Does TEC Leadership Institute provide virtual or e-learning solutions?

Yes we do offer virtual e-learning solutions. Our coaches are available to counsel and instruct our clients through video conferencing Skype, Citrix – GoToMeeting, or your preferred video conferencing method. We believe that living in a globalized world that is hyper-connected and always-on has its advantages. Distance between the our coaches and clients should not prevent life-long learning and growth.

Can the content of an existing workshop or training be customized?

Yes. We customize all of our training and workshops to match the needs of our clients. As part of our client intake process we ask many questions to ensure the course content we prescribe will provide the most benefit to our participants. We invite you to take a look at our training and coaching offering and to ask our team about customizing the content to suit your organizations needs.

In which language will my training or coaching be facilitated in?

Our global reach means that we can adapt everyone of our training, workshops, and seminars to be taught in the preferred language of our clients. Many of trainers and coaches are fluent in multiple languages. Our sister company, TEC Institute – a provider of language services, is able to provide us with translators.

How much do training, coaching, and consulting services cost?

Clients come to us with unique problems and we offer highly customized and effective solutions. We take a comprehensive look at our clients needs and match them to our network of trainers and coaches and our expertly produced content. We price our services competitively. To receive a detailed quote please contact us via the form below or by calling +49 (0) 8151 95 94 96.