There are four age cohorts in the workplace now and a fifth coming on by 2015. These five groups share some traditional work values but differ on such important ones as what community means, what participation means, the role of management, employer / employee loyalty, telecommuting, technical competence, and what constitutes a good day’s work.


  • Continued participation in the workforce without age-related barriers
  • A variety of work style options
  • Flexible work hours and responsibilities
  • Greater lifestyle choices
  • Continued learning and job satisfaction
  • Employee/employer/institutional loyalty
  • Community and participation
  • Telecommuting and technical competence
  • Face time and organizational politics
  • What motivates them to engage emotionally as well as intellectually and to work more productively?
Focus topics listed describe suggested course material, as with all training, consultation, and coaching actual course material will be tailored to achieve targets set by our clients.


Dr. Christine McCarthy, Our Expert on Demographic Diversity Management
Dr. Christine McCarthy
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