Introducing clear and measurable Diversity Strategies and Policies

Establishing a Business Case for Diversity Management and the D&I Program

  • Identifying the school‘s need for an inclusive and harmonious environment
  • Having a clear vision what the school wants to achieve with it’s D&I program
  • Setting out the implementation plan for the D&I program

Management Commitment

  • Senior Management – Faculty & Business, the Board, the Business Leaders & the PTO play a key role in building an inclusive environment
  • Demonstrate commitment and accountability
    • Build a D&I steering committee
    • Assigning of resources to diversity management initiative
  • Communicate
    • Oversees an external and internal communication plan which promotes the D&I program
    • Identifying relevant performance measures in diversity management and monitoring progress regularly
  • Role-Model Behaviors
    • Introducing and participating actively in initiatives to promote an inclusive and harmonious community (e.g. training, x-school, x-cultural x-generational activities, network groups, etc.)
    • Living the D&I values and demonstrating inclusive behaviors

Build Employee Competence to Foster Inclusiveness

  • Recruitment
  • Learning and Development
  • Conducting Intercultural Development workshops
  • Performance management

Actively Facilitate Inclusiveness

  • Activities
  • School design
  • Shadowing & Buddy system
  • On-Boarding & Integration