Do you feel you have the necessary intercultural attitude, knowledge and skills to perform effectively in the global business environment? Do you deal effectively with cultural differences?

Globalization is increasing, many divisions within corporations are organized on a global scale and networks and areas of impact transcend national boundaries. The target of this workshop is to become aware of the influences of culture on day to day business. The workshop aims to create awareness of cultural diversity, to provide guidelines on how to use this diversity to your advantage and provide guidelines on developing intercultural competence.



Part 1: Cross-Cultural Awareness

  • Understanding national culture, corporate culture & occupational culture
  • Culture and its impact on behavior, structures and processes such as risk-taking, values and assumptions, communication, leadership style and decision-making processes
  • Appreciating the values to be found in cultural diversity in international teams. Recognizing your own strengths and weaknesses

Part 2: Intercultural Competence

  • Defining Intercultural competence
  • The stages of intercultural competence (based on Bennet and Hammer, Deardorff etc.)
  • Denial, Polarization, Minimization, Acceptance, Adaptation
  • Behaviors associated with intercultural competence
  • Developing intercultural competence

Focus topics listed describe suggested course material, as with all training, consultation, and coaching the actual course material will be tailored to achieve targets set by our clients.

Workshop Method

The participants complete the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) questionnaire (voluntary) prior to the workshop. As well as a questionnaire on their intercultural experience and challenges. The workshop provides guidelines on developing intercultural competence and solutions to the participant challenges.


Dr. Christine McCarthy, Our Expert on Intercultural Competence
Dr. Christine McCarthy
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