European and global integration has taken on a pivotal role in business and cultural diversity requires a multifaceted and integrated approach to business operations.

Intercultural management involves understanding and respecting national, corporate, religious and ethnic diversity. It also involves reconciling possible differences and creating synergies across teams, functions and regions. Ultimately intercultural management makes cultural diversity an active living part of corporate business strategies.

Achieving intercultural competence is about you and your organization. It is about your leadership, management and your people, individually and in groups. There is much to learn for everyone.Our workshops in intercultural management aim to build cross-cultural awareness and develop intercultural competence across the corporation.

The content of our intercultural competence programs is based on academic and business expertise. As well as using our own empirical research on intercultural competence and global leadership competence, we draw on the empirical studies of Geert Hofstede, Fons Trompenaars, the GLOBE project and recent studies on global leadership and intercultural competence.


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Dr. Christine McCarthy, Our Expert on Intercultural Management
Dr. Christine McCarthy
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