The Teambuilding with I OPT is applicable to both existing or proposed groups and helps a team to recognize its synergies and vulnerabilities. The I OPT TeamAnalysis™ Report assesses how all of the members of a team will interact and the likely result of that interaction. It does this by mapping the information processing strategies being applied by individual team/department/group members as they affect each other. This participatory orientation helps to insure a high level of “ownership” by all group members and also brings into play group processes which act to reinforce and solidify group gains.

Each team member completes an “I OPT” Survey that is then input into the TeamAnalysis program. The computer program then assesses the information flows and uses artificial intelligence to estimate likely strengths and vulnerabilities of the group as well as methods by which vulnerabilities can be offset and strengths magnified.

The report is highly accurate and reliable. Team members will normally immediately recognize the group behavior characterized in the report. This produces an extremely high level of face validity.

I OPT® is an assessment tool that measures information processing preferences. This matters because information processing elections are entirely symbolic (i.e., contains no bio-chemical elements inherent in the “feelings” used by alternative methods).

The absence of a bio-chemical element means that the scores of different people can be aggregated. This, in turn, means that “I OPT” can be used to accurately predict the behavior of groups as groups (not just an assembly of individuals). In other words, “I OPT” measures can be used to accurately gauge the inherent capabilities and probable direction of groups without the need for any interviews or direct communication with the group participants.

Information processing is the foundation of behavior. Every behavior involves a choice and that choice must be founded on something. That something is information. Thus there is no behavioral area into which “I OPT” cannot reach and make a positive contribution.

Multiple reports can be generated using the results from the “I OPT” Survey. In other words, single survey can be used generate any or all of the following fully tested reports.
There are several different reports available.

Example: Team Analysis

TeamAnalysis™ diagnoses the dynamics of any team, specifies the reasons for the condition identified and offers methods to offset vulnerabilities or magnify strengths. The report considers the impact of individuals, subgroups (e.g., coalitions) and the dynamics of all of these factors interacting simultaneously.


Obtain more in depth information on I OPT by viewing the sample Individual Analysis:


I OPT – Individual Analysis
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