Insights Discovery is a powerful preference-based learning system which has impacted on thousands of lives worldwide. With foundations in the work of Carl Jung, Discovery helps individuals better understand themselves and others, and enables more effective interactions and organizational growth.

The target of the INSIGHTS team building is to promote teamwork and team performance by gaining awareness of personality type and associated behaviors and tapping into the resources of the team and exploring the team’s identity. The team tasks and structure of the team building are designed to help bond the team and specifically build on team identity and accountability in the team. The insights gained and experiences made will be taken back into the workplace.

  • Increase awareness of self and team members
  • With Insights Strength Finder; learn what strengths the team has, and what possible gaps need to be addressed
  • Generate awareness of the individuals and teams preferences in communication, leadership, conflict resolution, change management, strategic style etc.
  • Leverage diversity and inclusion / the more inclusive, the greater the number of talents within the team
  • Building trust /create a safe environment for team members to generate awareness of their own possible blind spots and developmental areas and those of other team members
  • Transferring the INSIGHTS learning to the teamwork

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Dr. Christine McCarthy, Our Expert on Team Building with Insights Discovery
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