We [OR: TEC Institute specialises in] specialise in building multicultural teams, managing remote teams, development of high performing diverse and/or multicultural teams and leadership/teams – our team building portfolio covers all aspects!

Through effective team building you can enhance the team members’ skills so that they are equipped to work in, co-ordinate, guide and monitor the development of the team. Team members will be able to objectively analyze their individual and common work approach, communication and strategic style.

Coaching will prepare the team members to deal effectively with the management of and interaction in diverse teams. The focus is on promoting the team advantage to ensure optimum performance. Team learning is targeted by focusing on shared vision, common goals, alignment on strategy, personality types, preference in working style and team dynamics.


1. Define Processes:
Achieve clarity and consensus on the processes which will support the targets and deadlines in the coming months.

2. Analyze Challenges:
Investigate possible differences in perspective or potential conflict issues in the team and/ or on project relevant issues and identify possible solutions to these issues.

3. Improve Teamwork:
To improve teamwork across functions, regions and amongst individuals. To establish clarity on team members’ expectations concerning their own areas of accountability and increase the concept of shared leadership and accountability within the management.

4. Identify Way Forward:
Identify clear action plan based on team and individual goals. Proactive conflict resolution and identification of required actions to sustain and improve teamwork.

Focus topics listed describe suggested course material, as with all training, consultation, and coaching actual course material will be tailored to achieve targets set by our clients.
Dr. Christine McCarthy, Our Expert on Team Building
Dr. Christine McCarthy
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