What makes our team so special?

We recruit our coaches and trainers from around the globe. They are experts in their respective fields and have a passion for individual learning and organizational development. As a multilingual, internationally minded team of professionals and coaches, we are uniquely positioned to support individuals and global organizations in achieving their personal and business objectives.

Our major strength is our passionate, experienced, and international team

Meet our Management & Administration Team

Chief Executive Officer

Manuel Apolonio

Marketing Manager

Kay Stiller

Office Administrator

Our trainers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their respective fields

Our trainers and coaches are accredited in a variety of psychometric tools and instruments which can be used to support the coaching process.

Our team of intercultural trainers are anthropologists, inter-culturally proficient, bi-lingual, industrial psychologists, and truly globally minded.

Azuza Hayashi

Our professional and executive coaches are professionally accredited (ICF), industrial psychologists, and business professionals