Cross-Cultural Awareness

The USA and Canada are among the most important business partners for global corporations. For many global corporation contact with customers and business partners in North America is part of everyday business.

At first glance, the North American culture seems to be very familiar and similar to European culture. But if you immerse into the business structures of a North American company, you will recognize, that there are some important particularities and significant differences to European cultures that could jeopardize successful cooperation.

The Cross-Cultural Training – North America focuses on cross-cultural similarities and differences in basic business values, communication, leadership, negotiation, decision-making and conflict resolution styles. Cross-cultural awareness is enhanced to ensure effective and successful collaboration with your business partners in North America.

In the Cross-Cultural Training – North America we will provide you with first-hand information on the historical, political, cultural and economic background to business practice in North America. Information will be given on the opportunities and challenges of collaborating with Canadian and American business partners. You will acquire knowledge concerning the particularities of business culture in North America. Our qualified North American trainers and experienced intercultural consultants will provide you with guidelines on adapting appropriately to cultural differences and managing cultural diversity in the collaboration with your American and Canadian business partners.



We explore key questions such as:

  • Why do the Americans put emphasis on small talk without an apparent long-term business relationship orientation?
  • How important is social networking in the business?
  • How can I motivate and encourage US business partners?
  • Why do I get so many emails, status messages and ongoing feedback from my American partners?
  • What does “urgent” mean and what effect has “as soon as possible” in the USA?
  • How can I present my company, my product or my projects to Americans convincingly?
  • How can I deal with the “the US way” is best attitude when collaborating with US partners?
  • How can the high level, action oriented approach be reconciled with the detailed, systematic and comprehensive approach of Western European business?

Focus topics listed describe suggested course material, as with all training, consultation, and coaching actual course material will be tailored to achieve targets set by our clients.


Manuel Apolonio, Our Expert on Cross-Cultural Awareness – North America
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