Cross-Cultural Awareness

Due to the complexity of its historical and economic development, Russia is a relatively challenging country to do business with. Russia ranks high on the World Bank Group’s index of difficult places to do business. Russia is a country of contrasts and those doing business with Russia will meet with paradoxes which reflect the co-existence of free market capitalism and total state dominance.

In its more recent past, Russia has witnessed fast, aggressive growth in GDP and individual earnings are high. Growth periods have been followed by recessions linked to the petroleum market which Russia´s economy is dependent on. In addition to GDP volatility, one of the gravest problems facing Russia is the vast inequality in the distribution of its wealth both demographically and regionally.

In addition to tensions arising from unequal distribution of power and wealth in Russia, generational tensions create a further level of complexity. Business partners will come across employees and leaders who reflect open, democratic values as well as those who demonstrate and foster an autocratic approach redolent of Russia’s communist past. The 50+ generation has received a very different cultural conditioning during the Soviet era than the younger generation who has witnessed a somewhat freer, more liberal environment. The paradoxical nature of Russian society can be seen in politics and economics as well as in relations within a business context. These paradoxes should be borne in mind.

As Russia´s economy continues to develop, it is becoming critical for European business partners to understand the complexities of the Russian business culture.  The success of cooperation with Russia can fail due to a lack of mutual understanding of the cultural differences.

The Cross-Cultural Training – Russia focuses on the paradoxical nature of Russian culture as well as looking at the cross-cultural similarities and differences in basic business values, communication, leadership, negotiation, decision-making and conflict resolution styles between Russia and the world. Cross-cultural awareness is enhanced to ensure effective and successful collaboration with your Russian business partners.

In the Cross-Cultural Training – Russia we will provide you with first-hand information on basic business values, historical, political, cultural and economic background in the development of Russia. Information will be given on the opportunities and challenges of collaborating with Russian business partners. You will acquire knowledge concerning the particularities of business culture in Russia. Our qualified Russian trainers and experienced intercultural consultants will provide you with guidelines on adapting appropriately to cultural differences and managing cultural diversity in the collaboration with your Russian business partners.



We explore key questions such as:

  • How do I understand and deal effectively with hierarchical structures in Russia?
  • How do I use social networks appropriately?
  • Who makes the decisions in a company and what decision-making processes are the norm?
  • How are contracts viewed and how do I successfully negotiate with my partners?
  • What are the particular pitfalls I should avoid in project management, leadership, negotiation, relationship building?
  • How do Russian partners view the individualistic approach of Western business?
  • How can I build a long-term relationship with my Russian counterparts?

Focus topics listed describe suggested course material, as with all training, consultation, and coaching actual course material will be tailored to achieve targets set by our clients.


Irina Hristaki, Our Expert on Russia – Cross Cultural Awareness