Cross-Cultural Awareness

Spain is a country of diversity, both geographically and politically. Spain has four official languages and the intercultural differences within the country are as diverse as the style of communication. In the collaboration with Spanish business partners challenges may occur in the intercultural interaction between Spanish and Non-Spanish business partners but also the particularities of the different regions of Spain will result in cultural challenges. For example, Catalans will have a different business attitude as their fellow countrymen from the south, the Andalusians. Particularly in business dealings with Spain, regional and cultural differences should be kept in mind to ensure successful outcomes.

The Cross-Cultural Training – Spain provides insight into cultural differences in the fields of communication, hierarchy structures, negotiations, decision processes, behavior in conflict situations, team leading, etc. Intercultural awareness will be enhanced to ensure effective and successful collaboration with your Spanish business partners.

In our Cross-Cultural Training – Spain you will receive background information about the historical, political, cultural and economic background of Spain‘s development. You will gain knowledge about the opportunities and the challenges in collaboration with your Spanish business partners. The particularities of the Spanish corporate culture will be elaborated on. Experienced Spanish trainers and skilled intercultural consultants provide guidelines on how to adapt successfully to cultural differences and the approach to cultural diversity in collaboration with your Spanish business partners.



We explore key questions such as:

  • How do I set priorities in a clear and diplomatic manner?
  • Can I rely on my business partner’s verbal commitments?
  • How do I point out to my business partner that he has to comply with given deadlines?
  • How important is family and the group orientation?
  • How are decisions made in Spain?
  • How do rank and hierarchy impact on relationships?
  • What is the importance of time management in projects and is time pressure is appropriate?
  • Do oral or written contracts have more importance in Spanish business culture?
  • What do I have to consider concerning Spain‘s regional differences?
  • Is cooperation with/between Spaniards from different regions challenging?

Carmen Nieto, Our Expert on Cross-Cultural Awareness – Spain