Breaking silos and leading in a matrix organization

Breaking silos and leading in a matrix organization objectives

This module explores the challenges of and necessary capabilities to collaborate and lead effectively in a matrix organization. Effectively managing a matrix system requires that people are inclusive, collaborative, agile, adaptive, influencers, performance and customer focused.

The participants will explore their collaboration strengths in the organization´s matrix structure and define possible development areas. Participants will practice building relationships, trust, empathy, conflict-management, self-awareness and influencing which are key capabilities to work well in a matrix system.

The module explores collaboration and motivational leadership in matrix systems and solutions to the participants´ needs and context.

Breaking silos and leading in a matrix organization content

  • How to breakdown silos and build an agile, collaboration culture
  • Dealing with challenges moving from a hierarchical to matrix structure
  • Develop skills to manage multiple bosses and multiple team membership – solid and dotted lines
  • Manage effective virtual cross-functional, cross-business meetings and communications
  • Overcome slower decision making and build a network
  • Manage performance and build accountability for results without control over resources
  • Positively influence without line or disciplinary authority
  • Deal effectively with complexity and focus on outcomes
  • Manage constant change and sustain own and others´ motivation
  • Drive performance in VUCA environment