Building high performing teams (HPT) with #7 HPT Principles

#7 High performing teams principles
The team development module focuses on the #7 HPT Principles of team success in today´s fast-paced, complex, innovative and customer-centric market place.

Purpose, Reflection, Ownership, Collaboration, Innovation, Resilience, Impact

The focus is to build team capability to enable optimum performance.

High performing teams principals

  • Purpose: Ability to create clarity of purpose, build engagement, live core values and drive meaningful action.
  • Reflection: Ability to engage in self-reflection, learn from experience, trends and developments and effectively apply that learning to new and changing contexts.
  • Ownership: Ability to integrate responsibility, accountability and empowerment across the the organization landscape and build performance thinking and acting.
  • Collaboration: Ability to create and sustain dynamic relationships, share information openly and facilitate collaboration.
  • Innovation: Ability to transform new ideas and knowledge into products, systems and services that add value to customers and drive the organization performance.
  • Resilience: Ability to reframe, regroup, reorganize and renew when faced with changing, unpredictable conditions and ambiguous contexts.
  • Impact: Ability to make a positive difference to the organization ecosystem, ensure business safety and support future growth.

Benefits #7 High performing teams principals

  • Builds clarity of purpose, embeds the organization core values and strategy
  • Engages in self-reflection, goal setting and learning agility
  • Empowers people and puts people before process
  • Leverages collaboration to achieve better results
  • Ensures ecosystem health; impact, learning, talent acquisition and retention
  • Drives innovation culture and increases number and quality of innovative solutions
  • Has capacity to change course and adapt to emergent market needs
  • Competitive advantage via innovation and responsiveness
  • Customer satisfaction and excellent solutions
  • High impact work and projects
  • Integrity and care for the security of people, planet and profit

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