Collaboration across the organization objectives

Collaboration across the organization objectives

Collaboration and networking is a particularly important competence in matrix organizations to leverage cross-functional, cross-business assets and lead people without line authority. Networking and collaboration are fundamental to agile organizations.

The target of this module is to reflect on the skills and behaviors underlying collaboration and positive influencing and to build the participants´ ability to reach their objectives through collaboration, involving others and gaining commitment. The participants will explore the principles of motivating others and building engagement.

A further focus is to explore positive influencing to enhance collaboration and passion to drive performance in teams, with customers, across the business and the ecosystem.

Collaboration across the organization content

  • Understand the purpose of and need for collaboration in today´s networked economy
  • Become a cultural broker to bridge across the organization
  • Define stakeholder group – Who do you need to collaborate with and why?
  • Explore and reflect on your agile collaboration skills
  • Move from silos to horizontal organizations
  • Motivating customers, teams and people to reach performance objectives through collaboration
  • Develop inquiry skills, solution orientation, flexibility and adaptability to support collaboration
  • Deal effectively with ambiguity and complexity
  • Manage performance and build accountability for results without control over resources