Culture of innovation

Who is it for?

  • All associates who need to develop agile, innovation mindset and capability
  • DURATION (Days): 1 (including pre- and post – work)

Culture of innovation – course objectives

When people and organizations are faced with fast-changing trends, tough competition, disruptive trends and high targets there is a need for innovative thinking. This workshop focuses on building the participants´ ability to think beyond boundaries and develop creative and agile thinking.

The workshop provides insights and invites exploration of how to think laterally and improve participants’ creativity and innovation capability. Participants understand the importance of looking to non-traditional avenues to find new ways of being as an organization, new products, new ways of exploiting mega trends, new distribution channels, new marketing methods, new operational procedures etc.

The participants explore how to foster an innovation culture and support agility in teams and across the organization.

Culture of innovation – course content

  • Build ideation competence
  • Engage in future forecasting – using ideation under uncertainty
  • Challenge the status quo (evolutionary thinking, antifragility)
  • Solve the problem of exploitation (improving efficiency) versus the challenge of exploration (identify opportunities)
  • Get people to leave their comfort zone (increase knowledge, lower fear)
  • Employ strategic innovation in a VUCA environment
  • Make decisions while facing unknowns
  • Evaluate ideas effectively – balancing risk-taking and loss aversion
  • Engage scenario and rapid execution
  • Build change agility and overcome resistance
  • Build a fail fast and adaptive culture leverage diversity to build innovation and creativity