Customer at the core

The modul, Customer at the core, focuses on enhancing the participants´ customer service mindset – creating a people-oriented, performance-driven, customer-focused agile organization.

Participants will explore customer-centric attitude and behaviors which contribute to developing an aligned, people-first, performance-oriented, agile culture.

The module creates awareness for the concept that everyone is a customer of everyone else, and the importance of building productive and supportive relationships with colleagues and partners within the organization which enable the delivery of superior service to the external customer base and sustain the business in today´s customer driven, networked economy.

Customer at the core – everyone is a customer course content

  • Develop agile customer-centric thinking: Understand how the balance of power has shifted to the customer and what this means for the business
  • Motivate the business towards change: Take care of customers and create a motivating environment for our people
  • Identify the customer-experience: Determine the kind of experience our customers should have as they interact with every part of the company today and in the future
  • Build people´s commitment and competence: Ensure we treat our internal people with respect and give them the support they need to develop and deliver on performance expectations
  • Reward success and address failures: Create a recognition culture for customer-centricity and address issues which undermine the customer experience across the business
  • Collaborate across the business: Break down silos and build cross-functional, cross-business relationships to support each other rather than compete
  • Shift to relationship and network focus: Build networks and relations with colleagues and internal business units to support innovation and creativity to sustain value-creation in the networked economy