Diversity management competence

Diversity management competence objectives

The modules in diversity management aim to build awareness and skills in managing diversity across the team and organization, being inclusive and leverage the cross-geo, cross-functional and cross-organizational assets. Building an inclusive work environment is in today´s global and multi-dimensional oriented society a prerequisite for credibility and authenticity. Talent comes in all shapes, colors, genders and sizes. Organizations cultures that value inclusion and integration take a multifaceted and integrated approach to people and business operations.

Inclusion requires understanding, respecting and leveraging difference of all kinds; age, national, corporate, religious, ethnic, personality, gender, sexual orientation, abilities, including neuro-diversity and building and creating synergies across both the organization and ecosystem. Diversity management is as an active living part of corporate business strategies and people operations. People and talents are recruited and developed also based on the value of the difference they bring to the table.

This module supports building awareness and skill in diversity management and building an inclusive organization culture.

Diversity management competence content

  • Recognizing why diversity and inclusion are important to team and organizational success
  • Identifying the strengths and challenges of diversity in the workplace
  • Managing unconscious biases
  • Building inclusive mindset and behaviors which overcome bias and exclusion
  • Building an inclusive workplace environment
  • Promoting and integrating diversity and inclusion in your team
  • Being an ambassador and role-model for inclusion and integration
  • Fostering inclusive behaviors in your team
  • Driving performance and social integration through inclusive leadership