Gender equity and women in leadership

Gender equity and women in leadership objectives

The “Women make a Difference” modules provide a solid case for change and the requisite insights, guidance and tools for people and organizations to address gender equity as an issue of urgency. Gender equity is a social imperative and a competitive edge for organizations in addressing global challenges. We know that there is an under-representation of women in leadership positions in corporations worldwide. It has also been established that women contribute the requisite diversity of leadership behaviors which impact positively on organizational performance in global business.

Women represent over half of the global talent pool, play a huge role in sustainable working practices, climate change and purchasing decisions. In addition, women bring social intelligence and positive leadership behaviors to the table which are important both to building a healthy and authentic corporate culture as well as a positive impact on organization performance.

Gender equity and women in leadership content

  • Gender equity best practice for organizations
  • Building gender equitable cultures
  • Gender and leadership behaviors; leveraging value adding skills and mindset
  • Equity in leadership brand, competency models and talent development
  • Mentoring for women, self-reflection and empowerment
  • Ownership and career development for women
  • Self-marketing for women