Influential leadership in matrix organizations

Influential leadership in matrix organizations objectives

This module explores the challenges of and necessary competencies to lead effectively in a matrix organization. Effectively managing a matrix system requires that leaders are collaborative, agile, adaptive, influencers, performance and customer focused.

The participants will explore their strengths as leaders in the matrix structure and define their development areas. Participants will also practice building empathy, conflict-management, self-awareness and influence which are key competencies to lead in a matrix system.

The module provides best practice on leadership in matrix systems and links the best practice to the participants´ needs and context.

Influential leadership in matrixorganizations content

  • Develop skills to manage multiple bosses and multiple team membership
  • Manage effective virtual cross-functional, cross-business communication
  • Overcome slower decision making and build a network
  • Manage performance and build accountability for results without control over resources
  • Positively influence without line or disciplinary authority
  • Deal effectively with complexity and focus on outcomes
  • Manage constant change and sustain own and others´ motivation
  • Drive performance in a volatile, uncertain, compley and ambigious (VUCA) environment
  • How to breakdown silos and build an agile, collaboration culture
  • Dealing with challenges moving from a hierarchical to matrix structure