Leadership in the digital age

Leadership in digital age objectives

This module looks at how has digitalization has affected the concept and profile of leadership and how digitalization requires a fundamental shift in organization structure and culture to ensure sustainability and customer centricity. The participants consider the human responses to digitalization, how we build change responsiveness and skill to drive the digital transformation of the business aligned to strategic objectives.

As organizations become less hierarchical and ownership and empowerment are spread across self-organizing teams, a new brand of leadership emerges. This module looks at the role of leaders in the digital age, as they transition to orchestration rather than direction.

The module focuses on the changing role of middle management and supports the “frozen middle” redefine their role as performance enablers, cultural brokers, strategists and change ambassadors.

Leadership in digital age content

  • Shaping our responses to digitalization, transforming teams and the organization
  • Balancing digitalization of businesses and society with human consciousness
  • Profile and characteristics of leadership in digital environment
  • The role of digital leaders in the transformation of organization culture and structure
  • Building leadership competences
  • Leading project teams through technology
  • Building agile team culture and organizations
  • Building engagement and ownership for the change across teams
  • Embedding agile working principles and practices to meet the challenges of digitalization