Leading change and ongoing transformation

Leading change and ongoing transformation objectives

Change agility is an essential competence in today´s volatile, complex, uncertain and ambiguous (VUCA) environment. Participants will explore their own change readiness and develop a strategy to build change competence to help them deal with change within the organization and in the external environment.

A main target of the module is to create awareness for change as a permanent state and to support the participants to build change agility, resilience, solution orientation and future focus. The participants will be given guidance on change facilitation and building change agility in teams and across the organization.

Leading change and ongoing transformation content

  • Explore the VUCA environment and the challenges it presents for the business
  • Assess the competencies necessary to lead self and others in a complex environment
  • Identify their own development need in the change environment at organizations
  • Assess their own and others change readiness on the change readiness cycle
  • Explore the competencies and mindset underlying change agility
  • Build change competence by identifying actions that will support their individual development aligned to their personal challenges
  • Build change facilitation skills to lead teams through change in the organization
  • Explore resilience as a tool which can help manage stress and build sustainable balance in face permanent change