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In traditional organizations, middle management often makes up a “frozen middle,” the center of organizational gravity, as they try to keep things below them in control and keep executives above them satisfied.

It is all too common for middle managers to struggle to find their role in an agile transformation, particularly as the transformation gains momentum with increased ownership and self-organizing teams.

Today´s volatile and ambiguous business landscape leaves many professionals and middle management feeling vulnerable and unsure.

Coaching offers valuable support to middle management to re-think and re-create their role in organizations where self-organizing teams, empowerment and autonomy are becoming commonplace. As experienced professional partners and coaches, we bring clarity to your professional leadership purpose as a business enabler in today´s environment where innovation, continuous optimization, and collaboration are key drivers of business growth.

Professional Coaching for Middle Management benefits

Professional coaching inspires personal reflection and supports a guided development process so that the coachee can achieve their life and professional goals. Our coaches inspire and encourage reflection and deliberate practice to ensure that the coachee develops their leadership potential with intent.

We partner individuals with professional coaches in a thought-provoking and creative process which inspires the coachee to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Professional coaching is an individual experience; the scope and flow is determined by you and your goals. Some areas to explore and reflect on could be:

  • Self-awareness, personal reflection and gaining perspective in changing contexts
  • Scenario-building and visualization of objectives for the future
  • Barriers and uncovering what is holding us back
  • Setting targets and defining the steps in deliberate practice
  • Improving self-motivation and self-leadership to achieve personal goals
  • Engaging deliberate practice and living towards achieving those goals

Professional coaching is a very empowering experience allowing individuals to focus on important challenges to overcome, issues hindering them in achieving their goals and achieving outcomes through goal setting, reflection and disciplined practice.

“Your most valuable asset is yourself. The most valuable investment available to you is yourself”

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