Personal and time management

Personal and time management objectives

Finding work-life balance, making efficient use of your time, living a self-directed life, focusing on your priorities and being disciplined in execution of plans requires a specific mindset and work-life principles that can be learnt. In this module, you can think about your strengths and development areas in personal and time management and develop working principles and techniques to support you deal with the demands on your time, time wasters, stress management and living a self-directed life.

Personal and time management content

  • Principles and tools for personal management and self-leadership
  • Principles and tools for time management
  • Recognizing time wasters and dealing with disturbances
  • Developing a personal objectives plan and focusing on priorities
  • Delegation and network support
  • Principles of deliberate practice and execution
  • Personality type and time management
  • Recognizing your own strengths and weaknesses
  • Using resources to effectively deal with stress situations and combat frustration
  • Efficient working methods and time saving techniques