Personal Coaching

Personal coaching inspires personal reflection and supports a guided development process so that the coachee can achieve their life goals.

Personal coaching is a very valuable experience for the coachee: the time and space is used to do a personal inventory on our lives and reflect on your values; we focus on your perception of the status and what has brought you to this point in your life, are you living your life with intent, what are your goals for now and the future, what are the important issues, how can you overcome obstacles to achieving your goals and how can you enhance your level of contentment with your life.

Personal coaching is a very individual experience; the scope and flow is determined by you and your needs. Some areas to explore and reflect on could be:

  • Self-awareness, awareness of your values and what´s important to your sense of contentment
  • Finding balance; reflection on what balance means to you, what the status currently is and what changes need to be made
  • Living in here and now and being mindful of the good in your life
  • Visualization for the future to guide your thoughts and actions
  • Engaging deliberate practice and living your life with intent

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