Project Management

Project Management objectives

The target of the module is to instruct the participants in project management methodology and enhance the project management competence of participants.
One of the following Project Management methodologies can be focused on:

Agile Scrum



Participants will acquire knowledge and develop a skill set to successfully initiate, manage and review a project and ensure that Project Management standards, processes and governance are practiced in compliance with PMI, PRINCE 2 or Agile Scrum.

Project Management content (for waterfall)

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Project Framework:

Initiation, Set-up and Execution

Project Team: Structure, Roles and Responsibilities

  • Project Governance
  • Sponsor & Stakeholders
  • Co-managers: Project Process Manager, Project Product Manager
  • Development Team
  • Subject Matter Experts

Project Initiation: The Successful Project Start

Project Set-up

  • Classify the Project
  • Assess Project Characteristics
  • Develop a Business Case
  • Elicit & Analyze Requirements

Project Execution – Define Version Scope

  • Create a high-level plan, establish team operating rules, risk management and issues tracking and resolution

Plan Next Cycle
Cycle Planning: work breakdown structure and RASCI – The Responsibility Matrix

Build Next Cycle Deliverables
Execute the cycle Plan and ending Strategies of a Cycle

Conduct Client Checkpoint
Input data, checkpoint processes (including Quality Management), output data and decisions

Close the Version
Client acceptance, release strategies, installing deliverables, conduct post-version