Speaking – Insightful and engaging keynotes and talks

Dr. Christine McCarthy is an experienced keynote speaker who delivers engaging and insightful talks and hosts international events.

Christine’s insightful and entertaining talks are crafted from meaningful examples and experiences that have come from years of working with leaders who seek to continuously optimize and challenge the status quo. She supports the practice of building agile capabilities, and embracing change. Her passion and insights motivate her audiences to unleash their power of transformational leadership so they can work effectively and motivate their teams as they navigate volatile markets

Keynote Topics include:

  • Leadership in the digital environment
  • Collaboration across silos, networked communities and organizations
  • Building agile culture and capability
  • Leading in the today´s volatile, uncertain and ambiguous environment
  • Driving change and business transformation
  • Inclusive organizations, leadership and intercultural management
  • Building high performance teams
  • Creating meaning at work and building engagement
  • Personal Branding

“…thank you so much for coming and of course for the excellent input and inspiration you gave with your module. We got a lot of great feedback about your style of execution and it was really well appreciated by everyone.”

PPG, Personal Branding

Today´s leadership brand has customer-focus and agility at its core, and is built on the foundation of creating purpose, managing ambiguity, embracing difference, being responsive and continuously driving innovation