Strategic thinking and acting

Strategic thinking and acting objectives

This module emphasizes the importance of strategic creation and deployment in today´s volatile, at times uncertain and ambiguous market place and provides guidelines on and practice in future-proof strategy building which meets current and emergent strategic setting needs of organizations.

The participants will learn to create future-proof strategic objectives and execute these in collaboration with stakeholders and BUs to embed a solid OKR thinking and acting across the organization.

Strategic thinking and acting content

  • Identifying relationships, patterns, and trends across related and unrelated events
  • Categorizing information to reduce complexity and prioritize and focus activities
  • Thinking creatively by generating alternatives, visualizing new possibilities, challenging assumptions
  • Making trade-offs while understanding the potential advantages and disadvantages of an idea or a course of action
  • Making choices, trying to balance short- and long-term concerns
  • Strategic management and strategic planning
  • Strategically analyzing the organization and its environment
  • Practical application of strategic thinking, strategic management and strategic planning