Team Agile Transformation

Team agile transformation coaching empowers individuals to become active contributors to objectives and results, by taking ownership for their role and deliverables, aligning with the organizational purpose, collaborating across organization boundaries, focusing on innovation and continuous optimization and delivering real value to all customers and stakeholders.

“Agile values empower teams to master the stable velocity and keep sustainable pace.”

In an environment that is increasingly impacted by volatility, ambiguity, and complexity, both leaders and team members are often overwhelmed by performance expectations, and experience pressure rather than empowerment.

Team agile transformation content

  • Building agile values, principles and working practices
  • Developing people capability
  • Building ownership for growth, continuous optimization and collaboration across the team
  • Sustaining the passion for customer centric purpose and results
  • Breaking silos and building a network community across the organization
  • Instilling ownership for creating the future across all actors

Team transformation initiates the process of building an empowered, sustainable team culture.

The modular portfolio focuses on building human agile capabilities. Sample topics include:

Team transformation benefits

  • Why agile? Understanding the benefits of agility for our team, work and business
  • Facilitating the agile transformation: Embedding an agile culture in the team
  • Creating a collaboration culture: Break silos, build engagement, share insights and learning
  • Building a culture of innovation: Unleashing our creative skill to drive innovation
  • Building shared leadership: Service, empowerment and customer-centricity

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