Virtual team leadership

Virtual team leadership objectives

The target of the module is to develop and enhance the requisite skill set and leadership competence to operate in and or lead a virtual team.

The module will explore best practice in virtual team leadership, and provide guidelines on developing the competencies to work successfully in or lead a remote, cross-cultural, cross-functional team in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environment across a matrix organization.

The participants will explore and elaborate solutions to work related challenges in communication, project management, relationship building, performance management and leadership in a virtual team.

Virtual team leadership objectives

  • Challenges in working or leading virtual teams
  • Understanding virtual team type and associated skill requirements
  • Effective use of virtual technology and tools
  • Essentials for effective team functioning; clarity and alignment on team purpose, accountabilities and interdependencies, processes and PM standards, external and internal communication plans and norms, performance management standards
  • Building and sustaining virtual team motivation
  • Balancing face to face and virtual interaction
  • Building a network community
  • Overcoming silos and committing to group goals
  • Building a team culture, identity and trust