Executive Leadership Coaching

Executive Leadership Coaching

Our Executive Leadership Coaching approach is a highly personalized, dynamic, and goal-oriented process designed to empower individuals in senior leadership roles. It focuses on helping leaders build a deeper awareness of their personal leadership philosophy and refine their approach. This process encourages executives to develop self-awareness, leverage it for personal growth, and enhance their leadership maturity. Executive Leadership Coaching is a confidential and one-on-one partnership between our certified and experienced coaches and the leader, centered on the leader’s growth and development. Some key elements of the coaching approach for executives include:

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Diagnostics that Support the Coaching Journey & Leadership Development

Our leadership coaching approach integrates a range of robust assessment tools to enhance the coaching experience:

1. Strengthscope: Strengthscope identifies and leverages individuals’ unique strengths. The Strengthscope Leader, Strengthscope 360°, and StrengthscopeTeam tools support both teams and individuals in optimizing their strengths for personal and collective growth.

2. Personality Evaluators (e.g., MBTI or Insights): We utilize personality evaluators, such as MBTI or Insights, to establish self-awareness as the cornerstone of personal awakening, bringing clarity, focus, and self-directed living. Grounded in the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung, Insights and MBTI facilitate self-awareness and an understanding of others. These tools empower leaders, teams, and individuals to acknowledge, value, and harness the power of diversity. Through 1:1 coaching, teambuilding, and leadership development programs that incorporate psychometric analysis, we enable leaders and teams to effectively adapt to the diversity present among their peers, teams, and the broader community.

3. EQ-i 2.0 (Emotional Intelligence): The EQ-i 2.0 assessment uncovers the leader’s emotional intelligence strengths, particularly in areas such as self-awareness, empathy towards others, social relationships, and motivations. This powerful tool supports leaders emotionally intelligent their leadership—a critical capability, in today’s dynamic, cross-generational global workplace. 

4. Future-Fit Leadership Assessment: The Future-Fit Leadership Assessment supports leaders‘ awareness of the capabilities required to lead in today’s digital and dynamic environment. The scientifically robust FFL Self-Assessment and 360° identify the leader‘s strengths and potential development areas across the eight core Future-Fit Leadership capabilities.