In this workshop, we achieve the following objectives:
  • Develop and enhance participants’ negotiation competence and techniques.
  • Build participants’ meeting facilitation and mediation competence and techniques.
  • Foster cross-cultural competence and diversity management skills to communicate effectively and positively influence across functions, personality types, cultures, genders, generations etc.
  • Build hybrid and virtual communication skills to enable successful negotiations in the new work environment


(The following sample content will be customized to your organization's needs)
  • Negotiations techniques: Basic negotiation elements, planning, preparation, goals, interests, process frames, strategies, BATNA, roles in the negotiation, success criteria and retrospectives
  • Meeting Facilitation and Mediation: Basic facilitation elements, aspired outcomes and focus, facilitating the meeting process, focus on people and engaging the participants, conflict resolution techniques
  • Diversity Management in Negotiations: Inclusive facilitation principles, managing diverse expectations and interests, communicating across generations, intercultural competence in negotiations
  • Negotiations in a Virtual / Hybrid Space: Facilitating virtual / hybrid negotiations, focus on people and engaging remote participants, using teams’ tools effectively to guide the negotiation process, capturing commitments and actions

Target Group

The Negotiations workshop is designed for professionals across various roles and departments within the organization, including:
  • Diverse Employees and Leaders: Procurement, Sales, Marketing, Legal etc., who want to build negotiation skills to enhance communication, outcomes and impact
  • Teams: Teams that wish to develop their negotiation skills to enhance the collective capability of a department (e.g. procurement, legal, claims etc.) that negotiates in a specific functional areas with diverse stakeholders


Before the workshop:

  • Pre-Workshop Survey: To understand the expectations and specific focus areas of participants
  • Curated Content: 2 hours max. Reading / Podcasts / Videos material
  • Skills Assessment: To gauge the current skill level of the participants

During the workshop:
1- 2 Day Virtual or Face-to-Face Workshop / Customized to clients’ needs

  • The workshop is interactive, practice-based with bite-size guidance on concepts and tools
  • Four module-based themes will be covered using interactive talks, reflections and group activities – Theme 1: Negotiations techniques, Theme 2: Meeting facilitation and mediation, Theme 3: Diversity management in negotiations and Theme 4: Negotiations in a virtual / hybrid space
  • Group related negotiation activities, participant reflections, and experiential learning.

After the workshop:

  • On-the-job practice, observation, and materials. Review meeting and skills assessment 3-6 months post workshop (Optional)