Intercultural Competence

Collaborating Across Cultures

Collaborating Across Cultures
(Americas, MENA, Asia, APEC etc.)

In this workshop, we achieve the following objectives:
  • Develop a deeper understanding and respect for various cultures and perspective and the skills to navigate cultural differences and foster effective communication and teamwork
  • Provide tools and techniques to enhance cross-cultural communication, reduce misunderstandings and resolve conflicts arising from cultural differences
  • Equip individuals and teams with the tools and techniques to enhance cross-cultural collaboration and communication across various time zones and cultural contexts
  • Adopt a global mindset to adapt and thrive in diverse work environments


(The following sample content will be customized to your organization's needs)
  • Understanding Cultures: Foster understanding and respect by exploring nine cultural dimensions (GLOBE)
  • Cultural Awareness: Provide guidance on assessing the cultural context i.e. differences and commonalities, and how to approach these empathically and effectively
  • Stereotypes and Biases: Address unconscious biases and how to mitigate biases and facilitate an inclusive culture
  • Build Cross-Cultural Collaboration: Explore team’s and individual’s cultural differences and work style preferences, identify aspects that influence communication and performance. Build adaptation to leverage diversity in cross-cultural collaboration
  • Conflict Resolution Across Cultures: Provide tools and strategies to resolve culture-based conflicts and learn how to address them respectfully

Target Group

The Collaborating Across Cultures workshop is designed for professionals across various roles and departments within your organization, including:
  • Leaders: Leaders responsible for global teams and ensuring require the skills to effectively lead and manage diverse teams across various cultural contexts
  • Team members: Professionals and team members who work with multicultural teams that require the tools and techniques to navigate cultural differences and continuously foster effective communication and collaboration
  • People and Culture Teams: All team members from HR who are seeking to build inclusive teams and facilitate intercultural collaboration across the organization


Before the workshop:

  • Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI): Prior to the workshop, an IDI assessment can be conducted to assess the current status and experience of participants (Optional)
  • Pre-Workshop Survey: Prior to the workshop, the participants complete a survey to highlight their strengths, knowledge, challenges and expectations for the workshop

During the workshop:
1- 2 Day Virtual or Face-to-Face Workshop / Customized to clients’ needs

  • Facilitator-led Sessions: Insights, activities and reflections on participants intercultural challenges and solutions
  • Self-Reflection: Individuals reflect on their own cultural background and identify culture-based values
  • Interactive Talks: Insights on culture values and norms in specific regions, participants share their experiences and insights
  • Case Studies: Examine case studies with successful cross-cultural collaboration strategies and best practices that can be adapted to their own organizational and individual context
  • Group Activities: Breakout sessions to identify and explore communication styles, work approach preferences in diverse cultural contexts

After the workshop:

  • Participant Application of Learning: The workshop goes beyond theory; emphasizing the practical application of Collaboration Across Cultures tools and techniques in the participants’ contexts
  • Certification: Upon completion of the workshop, the participants receive a certificate of workshop completion and a badge demonstrating successful completion of the Collaborating Across Culture Workshop

Summary: Collaborating Across Cultures (Americas, MENA, Asia, APEC etc.)

The Collaborating Across Cultures workshop broadens individuals and teams’ cultural intelligence, fostering understanding and respect through exploration of various cultural dimensions, values and norms. The participants develop cultural awareness and strategies to assess differences and commonalities, read behaviors, and approach cultural settings respectfully. They learn to address unconscious biases, understand their impact on collaboration and strategies to mitigate bias and foster inclusive collaboration.

The workshop explores cross-cultural collaboration guidelines and identifies cultural differences, commonalities and adaptation techniques across specific world regions that influence communication and performance. The workshop presents tools and strategies for conflict resolution arising from cultural differences, and promotes empathic respectful communication.

The 1-2 day, face-to-face, or virtual workshops featuring facilitator-led sessions and activities on participant challenges. The participants engage in self-reflection and build adaptive skills. The group activities, breakout sessions, and case studies that examine successful cross-cultural collaboration strategies and best practices applicable to the organizational context are showcased.

Collaborating Across Cultures
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