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Picture of Dr. Christine McCarthy
Dr. Christine McCarthy

Future of Work & Leadership Coach

Picture of Kai Hermsen
Kai Hermsen

Digital & Leadership Coach

Picture of Bec Heavens
Bec Heavens

Strengths, EQ & Leadership Coach

Picture of Dr. Karl Thomas
Dr. Karl Thomas

Innovation & Leadership Coach

Picture of Stefan Lachmann
Stefan Lachmann

Innovation & Leadership Coach

Picture of Chris Schiebel
Chris Schiebel

Project Management & Team Development Coach

Picture of Iris Wangermann
Iris Wangermann

Intercultural Competence Coach

Picture of Anja Siepmann
Anja Siepmann

Mindful Leadership & Resilience Coach

Picture of Peter Calin
Peter Calin

Mindful Leadership (MBSR) Coach

Picture of Joana Kakarli
Joana Kakarli

Learning Manager

Picture of Joella Anupol
Joella Anupol

Content Creation, Marketing, Project Management

Picture of Ly Richter
Ly Richter

Content Creator


In the dynamic workplace of today marked by digital technology, AI, market fluctuations, changing demographics, and the infusion of Gen Y and Z values, organizations are continuously adjusting to novel work paradigms and enhancing the skills of their employees. This needs leaders and teams to embrace new perspectives, acquire new skills, and pro-actively drive change, optimization and innovation. 

A Learning & Growth Mindset is fundamental to the success of organizations. Continuous Learning supports leaders and teams thrive in the dynamic, digital environment.  

We support leaders, teams and organizations develop future-fit capability and new ways of working and leverage the talents of the multigenerational, diverse workforce.

  • Empower leaders and teams for continuous learning
  • Enhance Employee Experience, Customer Experience, and Digital Experience (TripleX)
  • Our learning programs, workshops, and coaching
  • Develop future-of-work skills
  • Foster personal, leadership and team development
  • Build adaptive cultures, innovation and resilience


The Learning & Development Workshops focus on developing the competencies teams need for New Ways of Working and theme-based upskilling in areas such as project management, agile, communication, change, high performing teams, digital and hybrid working. 

The Leadership Programs develop the leaders’ capabilities and support them effectively embed future of work concepts and work principles across the organization. 

The Coaching Programs are customized to support leaders develop their personal leadership philosophy and build leadership maturity. 

The Team Building portfolio focuses on team development objectives in the areas of trust and relationships, collaboration, and performance. 

The Organizational Development and Change Portfolio develops leaders and teams change agility and adaptive capacity to effectively deal with constant change and enable innovation and learning. 


The programs are customized to meet the development needs of the leaders, their teams and the organization’s learning and development approach. The scope includes face-to-face, virtual workshops and offsites.

Change facilitation takes the form of consultancy, coaching on real change initiatives as well as developing the individual change agility of teams and leaders. Teambuilding is customized in 1–2-day F2F events or virtual sessions-based team challenges and objectives. Select diagnostics can be used -Insights, MBTI, Strengthscope, Future-Fit Leadership- to support the the teams’ individual objectives and needs. 

All programs are supported by a customized needs analysis, definition of objectives, and tracking to ensure objectives are met. The learning is enhanced by self-reflection, self-paced learning, peer coaching, 1:1 coaching, and real work projects.


All our programs are customized to our clients needs. Please get in touch for an initial consultation.