In this workshop, we achieve the following objectives:
  • Enhance Communication: Equip participants with the skills to effectively convey their ideas, values, and messages through compelling storytelling
  • Foster Connection: Enable participants to connect with their audience on a deeper level by sharing authentic and relatable stories
  • Drive Engagement: Teach participants how to use storytelling as a powerful tool for engagement, whether it’s for marketing, employee engagement, or client interactions
  • Inspire Action: Empower participants to motivate their audience to take desired actions through persuasive storytelling techniques


(The following sample content will be customized to your organization´s needs)
  • Storytelling Fundamentals: Foundational understanding of storytelling principles and identify motivations in relation to desired context
  • Introduction to Types of Storytelling and their Purpose: Connection Story, Clarity Story, Success Story, Influence Story, Fail-Forward Story and Anti-Story
  • Storytelling strategy: Lay the foundation of the organization’s or team’s narrative, identify the audience need, set goals and objectives
  • Storytelling patterns: Three universal patterns; Monomyth, Media Res, Petal Structure
  • Storytelling format: Immerse audience, build connection, create suspense, bring characters to life, show don’t tell, build up S.T.A.R. moment, end with a positive takeaway
  • Story Prototype: Define your organization’s brand values and transform a single idea to a polished story with Design Thinking approach to tell your brand story.
  • Storyweaving: Learn the concept of Storyweaving and how it is used to reduce complexity and build appeal
  • Practice Storytelling and Delivery: Get to know your story by identifying your organization’s brand and themes, develop and outline a script with supporting visuals, rehearse with peers and apply feedback, tell your story and evaluate response, realize points and approaches that appeal and build on those

Target Group

The Storytelling workshop is designed for professionals across various roles and departments within your organization, including:
  • Diverse Team Members: People & Operations, Commercial, Marketing, Legal etc., who want to build advanced storytelling skills to enhance communication, clarity and impact
  • Communication and PR Teams: Enhance the storytelling skills of professionals responsible for managing the public image of the brand
  • Cross-Functional Teams: Enable teams to incorporate story-telling narratives into their interactions across functions, creating a cohesive and persuasive message


Before the workshop:

  • Pre-Workshop Survey: Prior to the workshop, the participants will complete a survey to highlight strengths, experience and expectations for the workshop

During the workshop:
1- 2 Day Virtual or Face-to-Face Workshop / Customized to clients’ needs

  • Knowledge Transfer and Best Practices: Foundational concepts, contexts and techniques of storytelling
  • Moving from basic techniques to advanced storytelling strategies, structure, compelling communication, audience engagement and impact
  • Practical Exercises: Engage participants in crafting and refining their stories through practical exercises and collaborative activities, that also build upon each other to reinforce learning, facilitate group storytelling exercises to promote creativity
  • Interactive Learning: Engage participants through ideation, story creation, evaluation, feedback, simulated activities
  • Emotional Resonance: Encourage the sharing of motivation and personal experiences to foster authenticity and engagement
  • Case Studies: Showcase and analyze successful stories to demonstrate effective techniques for storytelling for impactful communication

After the workshop:

  • Real-World Application: The program goes beyond theory; and supports participants in adapting Storytelling skills to their specific context, audience and objectives
  • Applied Techniques: Participants adopt effective storytelling techniques, craft stories with intent and deliver their stories with impact at work
  • Certification: Upon completion of the workshop, the participants receive a certificate of workshop completion and a badge demonstrating successful completion of the Storytelling Workshop

Summary: Storytelling

The Storytelling workshops gives individuals and teams the tools to enhance their storytelling skills, covering foundational principles and versatile storytelling types like Connection, Clarity, Success, Influence, Fail-Forward, and Anti-Story. The participants leran to craft a compelling storytelling strategy for their role and audiences, identifying audience needs and setting impactful goals. They explore universal storytelling patterns to immerse the audience, and build suspense, creating memorable S.T.A.R. moments.

The Story Prototype phase, rooted in Design Thinking, helps define brand values and turn ideas into polished stories. Practice Storyweaving techniques are explored that support participants to simplify complexity and increase appeal.

Benefit from customized support, practice and feedback sessions, inspiration and guidance from experienced facilitators and experiential learning with your peers.

Contact us for a customized offer that suits your organization‘s Story-Telling development requirements.