Future-Fit Leadership Assessment

The scientifically validated Future-Fit Leadership (FFL) Assessment, is designed to help leaders identify strengths and areas for developments based on the eight core capabilities. The leaders are supported to continuously thrive in the brittle, anxious, non-linear and incomprehensible (BANI) world, foster a growth mindset with our eight core competencies, tools and techniques to stay relevant as a leader and become fit for the future of work.
Future-Fit Leadership Framework

Target Group

The Future-Fit Leadership Program is designed for professionals across various roles and departments within your organization, including:
  • Senior Leaders and First-Line Leaders and their Teams: To understand your teams’ needs, existing and developing skills, foster a collaborative and trusting team for future-fit purposes
  • Cross-Functional Teams: To enhance adaptability for effective collaboration and communication across diverse teams, by understanding their roles and skills
  • Newly Formed Teams: To begin the teams’ journey with a solid foundation of trust and cohesion, by first understanding individuals’ story, areas of expertise and areas of improvement and goals for working in the appointed team

What is the Assessment & Debriefing?

Our Future-Fit Leadership Assessment and Debriefing evaluate the readiness of leaders for the challenges of the workplace of today and the future of work. To assess this readiness, you can choose between two science-based assessments:

– FFL Self-Assessment

– FFL 360° Assessment

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