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With over 25 years of experience consulting global organizations on organizational development.

Our leadership development, change management, and innovation initiatives are backed by extensive research and proven practices within global and matrix organizations.

Through our collaborative and dynamic programs, we engage with teams across your organization to deliver impactful results.

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Training, Education and Coaching

  • We are a preferred provider of L&D and OD consultancy, leadership development, competence workshops, presence and e-learning solutions for several leading global organizations
  • We provide customized L&D and OD programs designed in collaboration with our clients to ensure that we understand and meet their development needs
  • We are a strategic business partner to our clients, aligning the L&D and OD initiatives with the organizations strategic objectives and cascading level
  • Our L&D focuses on what matters and we achieve impact by employing OKRs to define objectives, deliverables and measure results
  • We truly understand our clients' needs and develop unique and dynamic solutions to underpin long-term, mutually rewarding relationships
  • We play a powerful role in enabling our clients and their organizations to enhance leadership, management, intercultural and communication competence of their employees
  • We help individuals and organizations from different national and organizational cultures and backgrounds, with diverse values and perspectives, work successfully together through successful Diversity and Inclusion initiatives
  • We support and facilitate personal growth which enables people to make conscious decisions and empowers them to become leaders in their own lives.
  • We offer organizations and professionals strategic learning solutions, future-proof learning products, face-to-face workshops, VILT training, coaching, and blended learning in several areas.
  • We design our Learning and Development modules, Talent Development, Organizational Development programs to meet the needs of high-performing professionals in many of the world's most successful global organizations.

Our services include:

  • Learning & Development solutions, executive and professional coaching, in-house workshops and learning based on competence and skill development.
  • Digital Learning, Virtual Instructor Led Teaching (VLT) and blended learning which support competence and capability development as well as building a collaborative culture and supporting insights and knowledge sharing across regions, business units and teams
  • Team Development and team building including situation analysis, diagnostics, team culture and values development, team coaching and building high-performing teams.
  • Organizational Development including change management, agile transformation and building a customer-centric, adaptive culture.
  • Design and deployment of customized competence models and leadership, team and individual assessments and diagnostic tools and development plans.

Yes, we do. We provide strategic consulting solutions and take a holistic approach to learning, talent management and organizational development. We believe these three pillars should not be existing as vertical silos. By collaborating horizontally, the organizations ensure that they have the right capability, people and leadership, culture and structure, to support growth and performance.

We provide consulting solutions in change programs, Agile transformation, people and culture development.

By providing consulting solutions, we can better understand challenges business units and people face daily. Our goal as a consultancy partner is to be a strategic business partner and to offer customized solutions to meet unique and emerging people and culture challenges.

We put our clients at the core and look at their business processes and businesses as a whole to design evidence-based solutions that result in effective changes on organizational culture.

We are genuinely interested in seeing all of our client’s businesses succeed and it shows in our detailed and customized solutions.

Yes, we do provide In-House workshops in Agile leadership, diversity management, management competence, intercultural competence, communication competence and a variety of hard and soft skills topics. Please see our in-house learning modules for further details or contact us to inquire about how we can meet your needs (link).

We work with your in-house HR CoE, Learning & Development, Talent team and/or OD to develop customized learning solutions and workshops for your team.

Through in-house learning solutions and workshops, we bring our talent to yours, thus our experts work with your team in your conference rooms or training facility. Should a sufficiently equipped meeting room be unavailable our coordination team can locate a suitable offsite venue.

Yes, you can.

We have digital learning workshops in the form of webinars and VILT programs focusing on building agility, collaboration culture, virtual team leadership, digital leadership, and change management. If travel is an issue, our blended learning workshops can be offered over a virtual videocall to cater your convenience.

We can work with clients worldwide as we have a consultant team located in most world regions. We support international teams worldwide, with our consultants available to travel to your company's headquarters.

Yes, we do offer Virtual Instructor Led Training programs (VILT) and workshops, as well as blended learning. Our VILD workshops focuses on topics like building agility, and digital leadership.

Our coaches are available to counsel and instruct our clients through Microsoft Teams, or your preferred video conferencing method.

We believe that living in a globalized world that is hyper-connected and always-on has its advantages. The Distance between our coaches and clients should not prevent life-long learning and growth.

Yes, we customize all our training and workshops to tailor the needs of our clients. As part of our client intake process we ask numerous questions to ensure course content we prescribe will provide the most benefit to our participants.

We invite you to take a look at our Learning and Coaching offering and to ask our team about customizing the content to suit your organization’s needs.

We can adapt every training, workshop, and coaching to be taught in the preferred language of our clients. Many of consultants and coaches are bilingual and some fluent in numerous languages.

Our sister company, TEC Institute – a provider of language and translation services, can provide us with translators, hosts and interpreters.

We price our services competitively. To receive a detailed quote please contact us via the form below or by calling +49 (0) 8151 95 94 96.

Clients come to us with unique challenges and objectives and we offer highly customized and effective solutions. We take a comprehensive look at our client’s needs and match them to our network of consultants, trainers and coaches and our expertly produced content.