Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Our leadership coaching approach is a personal, dynamic and goal-oriented process designed to empower individuals in leadership roles to build deeper awareness of their own personal leadership philosophy. The process encourages leaders to develop self-awareness and use this to awareness to achieve their highest potential and enhance their leadership maturity. Coaching is a confidential and one-on-one partnership between our certified and experienced coaches and leader, centered on the leader’s growth and development.

Coaching is always very individual and focuses on the clients needs and emerging priorities. Some key elements of the coaching approach will include:

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Diagnostics that Support the Coaching Journey & Leadership Development

Our leadership coaching approach integrates a range of robust assessment tools to enhance the coaching experience:


1. Strengthscope: Strengthscope identifies and leverages individuals’ unique strengths. The Strengthscope Leader, Strengthscope 360º, and StrengthscopeTeam tools support both teams and individuals in optimizing their strengths for personal and collective growth.

2. Personality Evaluators (e.g., MBTI or Insights): We utilize personality evaluators, such as MBTI or Insights, to establish self-awareness as the cornerstone of personal awakening, bringing clarity, focus, and self-directed living. Grounded in the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung, Insights and MBTI facilitate self-awareness and an understanding of others. These tools empower leaders, teams, and individuals to acknowledge, value, and harness the power of diversity. Through 1:1 coaching, teambuilding, and leadership development programs that incorporate psychometric analysis, we enable leaders and teams to effectively adapt to the diversity present among their peers, teams, and the broader community.

3. EQ-i 2.0 (Emotional Intelligence): The EQ-i 2.0 assessment uncovers the leader’s emotional intelligence strengths, particularly in areas such as self-awareness, empathy towards others, social relationships, and motivations. This powerful tool supports leaders emotionally intelligent their leadership—a critical capability, in today’s dynamic, cross-generational global workplace.

4. Future-Fit Leadership Assessment: The Future-Fit Leadership Assessment supports leaders‘ awareness of the capabilities required to lead in today’s digital and dynamic environment. The scientifically robust FFL Self-Assessment and 360° identify the leader‘s strengths and potential development areas across the eight core Future-Fit Leadership capabilities.