DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)

Women Matter: Female Leadership

Women Matter: Female Leadership

In this workshop, we achieve the following objectives:
  • Empower female leaders with the skills, mindset, and support needed to excel in their leadership roles
  • Provide tools and practical strategies to overcome gender-related challenges
  • Identify and address specific challenges faced by women in leadership roles and provide actionable solutions
  • Advocate for and contribute to inclusive leadership practices by encouraging the development and implementation of diverse leadership styles and perspectives


(The following sample content will be customized to your organization´s needs)
  • Gender Equality: Understanding of the value of gender equality and inclusion in teams and organization
  • The Female Challenge: Identify and understanding current challenges that women in the workplace face
  • Gender Bias: Recognizing gender bias, identifying challenges in the workplace and exploring solutions to those challenges
  • Inclusive Work Practices: Exploring successful examples of gender equality and inclusion in the workplace
  • Mentoring and Networking: Leveraging mentoring relationships and networks to support career growth
  • Work-Life Integration: Exploring techniques for balancing work, personal life, and well-being
  • Psychological Safety: Creating awareness for the valuable role women contribute in creating a psychologically safe culture at work that fosters engagement and performance
  • From ego-centric to eco-centric leadership: Women matter: Bringing self-awareness and sustainable, equitable values to the workplace

Target Group

The Female Leadership workshop is designed for professionals across various roles and departments within your organization, including:
  • Leaders: Female, male and and non-binary leaders and team members, that wish to promote and implement inclusive leadership practices, address gender specific challenges and aspirations
  • Young Female Professionals & Talent: Next generation leaders who wish to build their inclusive leadership capabilities and integrate a leadership approach marked by EQ and performance focus
  • People and Culture Teams: All team members from HR who are seeking to build inclusive teams and facilitate gender diversity in leadership


Before the workshop:

  • Pre-Workshop Survey: Prior to the workshop, the participants complete a survey to highlight their strengths, experience, challenges and expectations for the workshop

During the workshop:
1- 2 Day Virtual or Face-to-Face Workshop /Customized to clients’ needs

  • Facilitator-led Sessions: Activities and reflections on the inclusion challenges and opportunities within the leaders’ / participants work area and across the organization
  • Interactive Talks: success stories and challenges from female diversity leaders within and outside the organization
  • Best practice: Exploring Gender Inclusive Leadership across multiple sectors
  • Group Activities: Breakout sessions aimed at fostering gender inclusive leadership
  • Case Studies: Unpacking and analysis of existing successful inclusive practices and extracting existing strategies and tools to solve current challenges
  • Implementation of Tools and Strategies: Providing up-to-date resources to build continuous awareness for inclusive practices and gender equality

After the workshop:

  • Application to the female leaders reality: The program goes beyond theory; emphasizing the practical application of the concepts introduced in the Female Leadership workshop to the participants’ roles
  • Certification: Upon completion of the workshop, the participants receive a certificate of workshop completion and a badge demonstrating successful completion of the Women Matter, Empowering Female Leadership Workshop

Summary: Empowering Female Leaders

In the Women Matter: Empowering Female Leaders workshop participants undergo a transformative learning experience aimed at fostering gender equality and empowering women in leadership roles. The workshop encompasses an exploration of the value of Gender Equality, fostering an understanding of its significance within teams and organizations. The workshop addresses “The Female Challenge”, encouraging participants to identify and comprehend the current challenges faced by women in the workplace. Gender Bias is a focal point, guiding participants to recognize biases and explore solutions to challenges in promoting workplace gender equality. Inclusive Work Practices are explored through success stories, and the workshop emphasizes the importance of leveraging Mentoring and Networking for supporting women’s career growth. Techniques for achieving Work-Life Integration are discussed, along with the promotion of Psychological Safety and the transition from ego-centric to eco-centric leadership, instilling self-awareness and sustainable, equitable values in the workplace.

Before the workshop, participants engage in a Pre-Workshop Survey, highlighting their strengths, experiences, challenges, and expectations. The workshop, conducted virtually or face-to-face over 1-2 days and tailored to clients’ needs, features facilitator-led sessions, interactive talks showcasing success stories and challenges from female diversity leaders, exploration of Gender Inclusive Leadership best practices across sectors, and group activities aimed at fostering gender-inclusive leadership. Case studies unpack and analyze successful inclusive practices, extracting strategies and tools for addressing current challenges. The program also provides up-to-date resources for continuous awareness and the implementation of tools and strategies for inclusive practices and gender equality. After the workshop, participants apply the concepts in their roles, receiving a certificate and badge upon successful completion of the Women Matter – Empowering Female Leadership Workshop.

Women Matter: Female Leadership
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