Global leadership competence

Global leadership competence objectives

Global leadership competence has become ever more relevant when leading teams across-functions, business and regions in the global environment where one size does not fit all. Global leadership competence supports leaders to effectively manage, coach and develop teams from various world regions mostly in a virtual team context.

This module focuses on supporting the participants in enhancing their leadership skills to successfully lead teams with high levels of diversity towards performance. A main target of the module is to broaden the participants ´leadership scope to include adaptability to be able to manage different leadership expectations and styles, to align teams around objectives, to deal with varying levels of complexity and ambiguity, to set and manage performance expectations and to create a sense of team across disparate world regions, organizational boundaries and functions.

Global leadership competence content

  • Impact of national and corporate culture on leadership expectations and leadership profiles
  • Culturally endorsed leadership styles; team oriented, participative, results oriented etc.
  • Understanding and practicing empathic, situational leadership
  • Different approaches to leadership across the globe; relational and task-oriented leadership
  • Reconciling dilemmas coming from diverse expectations on leaders
  • Core competencies for leading in a multinational environment
  • Skills for leading a virtual multicultural team
  • Guidelines and best practice in balancing local and HQ leadership challenges and requirements
  • Building a network community
  • Building ownership and empowerment in a global team
  • Challenges and solutions in virtual team leadership and teamwork
  • Teambuilding and motivating in a virtual environment