Intercultural competence

Intercultural competence objectives

Intercultural competence is a key skill set for those working in a global corporation. Intercultural competence comprises social competence in an international environment, and knowledge and appreciation of other cultures.

The participants will explore how to build intercultural competence, shift their perspective and adapt their behaviors in a culturally appropriate manner when communicating with, leading and working with people from other cultures. Starting with a self-assessment, participants will explore how to use their cultural awareness to build cross-cultural, cross-business relations, to use their knowledge of own and other cultures to leverage the benefits of the company’s cross-geo assets and to build effective cross-cultural teams and an enhanced company culture.

Intercultural competence content

  • Define and explore the five stages of intercultural competence
  • Identify behaviors which indicate intercultural competence
  • Move away from cultural stereotypes and assess and react to cultural diversity in an unbiased, inclusive manner
  • Understand the causes of intercultural challenges in teams and across the organization and come up with solutions to challenges
  • Utilize cultural diversity as an opportunity in their own region and across the organization
  • Develop a tool kit to help them use cultural diversity to their own and others advantage