Customized Teambuilding

Customized Teambuilding

In our Customized Teambuilding approach, we work closely with clients to pinpoint specific objectives through a comprehensive needs analysis session. Some of the relevant objectives include:

Team Purpose & Vision: Build aligned understanding of team purpose, vision and objectives

  • Values Booster: Build shared understanding of team values and collaboration principles
  • Trust & Psychological safety: Foster relationships with enhanced trust, collaboration, and communication
  • Learning & Growth: Identify and address specific capability gaps and/ or challenges within the team, and foster personal and team growth
  • Team constellation: Identify team members´ strengths / preferences / personality type and leverage individual strengths and diversity for collective success
  • Team Building: Enhance team identity, trust, collaboration, and team spirit
  • Collaboration: Enhance the team-first mindset and ability to collectively work towards objectives, address challenges and seize opportunities
  • Innovation: Foster a culture of innovation and creative thinking
  • Leadership: Create understanding of inspiring, creative leadership. Who are we as a leadership team, what do we stand for, How are we viewed within the organization and ecosystem (other areas are psychological safety, sustainability, inclusion, wellbeing etc.)


(The following sample content will be customized to your organization´s needs)
  • Tailored Teambuilding Events & Workshops: Tailored sessions based on your team’s specific needs, whether in Leadership, Values Boosting, Innovation etc.
  • Personality and Strengths Assessments: Assess yourself and team with diverse science-based assessments such as Insights, MBTI, Strengthscope Teams, Future-Fit Leadership, EQi2.0 etc. and use team results to supercharge the teambuilding and enhance team dynamics
  • Teambuilding Activities: Engage in team-building exercises, both indoor and outdoor, designed to boost identity, trust, collaboration and to have fun together
  • Communication and Collaboration Enhancement: Immerse in effective communication and listening exercises, such as Troika Consulting, along with practical strategies for open and transparent communication within the team
  • Purpose Sessions: Align on team purpose, vision and objectives within your organization’s broader mission and objectives for greater impact
  • Problem-Solving and Decision-Making: Tackle real-world scenarios through deep dives into analysis, empathy, evaluation, and ideation. Employ design thinking, lateral thinking, and liberating structures approaches to enhance problem-solving, decision-making and strategy creation

Target Group

The Customized Teambuilding workshop is designed for professionals across various roles and departments within your organization, including:
  • Senior Leaders and First-Line Leaders
  • All types of Teams
  • Cross-Functional Teams
  • Newly Formed Teams


Before the Teambuilding:

  • Pre-event meeting: An initial meeting between one of our facilitators and the team representatives and People & Culture / HRBP will identify the objectives, status and aspirations for the team
  • Team Member Surveys: All team members complete a survey to identifying individual’s goals for the teambuilding and their perception of the team strengths and opportunities for team learning and growth
  • Team Diagnostic: A team diagnostic such as Insights, MBTI, Strengthscope Teams, Future-Fit Leadership, EQi2.0 etc. can be used to inform, energize and enhance team awareness

During the workshop:
1- 2 Day Virtual or Face-to-Face Teambuilding / Can be customized to the team’s needs

  • Team Booster Activities:
    – Purposeful Teambuilding activities, both indoor and outdoor, that target leveraging team strengths and identified areas for improvement
    – Foster collaboration, trust, and communication through experiential exercises tailored to the team’s unique needs.
  •  Integration and Application:
    – Facilitate sessions that integrate newfound insights, capabilities, values and principles into the team’s operations.
    – Practical strategies for ongoing application, ensuring sustained positive changes in team dynamics

During the workshop:

  • Follow-Up Sessions: Post-Teambuilding check-ins to track the team’s progress, address challenges and provide continued support through virtual/face-to face collaboration tools or resources

Summary: Customized Teambuilding

In our Customized Teambuilding approach, we collaborate closely with clients to discern their specific needs and objectives through a comprehensive analysis session. Objectives cover crucial team dynamics, including building shared understanding of purpose, enhancing trust, addressing capability gaps, leveraging strengths, fortifying team identity, fostering collaboration and innovation, and cultivating inspiring leadership. Additional considerations encompass psychological safety, sustainability, inclusion, and wellbeing.

Our tailored team-building events and workshops address these objectives precisely. Optional personality and strengths assessments like Insights, MBTI, Strengthscope Teams, Future-Fit Leadership, EQi2.0 can provide valuable insights. Engaging indoor and outdoor activities boost identity, trust, collaboration, and team spirit. Communication exercises, such as Troika Consulting, and strategies for transparent communication are integrated. Purpose sessions align team goals with the organizational mission, and problem-solving involves real-world scenarios using design thinking, lateral thinking, and liberating structures for innovation and enhanced strategy creation.

Team Building
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